Wind in the Willows - CD

  1. Wind in the Willows Theme
  2. On the River
  3. Duck's Ditty
  4. The Open Road
  5. Mr Toad - The Motorist
  6. The Wild Wood
  7. Mr Badger
  8. Dulce Domum
  9. The Further Adventures of Toad
  10. A Hero's Song
  11. When the Toad Came Home
  12. The Battle
  13. The Wind in the Willows (Ralph McTell)

Length: 52 mins
Format: CD
Recorded at: Pluto Studios 1983
Engineered by: Phil Bush
Written by: Keith Hopwood

Based on the award winning (UK: BAFTAs, US: EMMY) animated feature, and using dialgue, songs and music from the film, this is a faithful telling of a timeless classic. The voices of Sir Michael Hordern, Ian Carmichael, Richard Pearson and David Jason as Toad bring to life these well loved characters.

First published in 1908, Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows has become a best-seller throughout the world. Cosgrove Hall brings Grahame's characters, Badger, Mole, Ratty, and the flamboyant Toad Of Toad Hall, magically to life in a beautiful setting reminiscent of the Edwardian country scene combining quality animation with all the fun and enchantment of a fairy tale adventure.

This film was the winner of a 1983 BAFTA Award, the 1983 International Emmy Award, 1st Prize winner at the Chicago Festival in 1984 and an ACE Award for costume design in 1989. 52 x 20 minute episodes under the same title also won first place in the Series Animated Section of the 1987 Chicago Festival.

The Wind in the Willows