Waterloo Road CD

  1. Jumbo Freaks (Hopwood)
  2. Love We Life (Hopwood/Rowe)
  3. Laylo (Hopwood)
  4. You and I (Hopwood)
  5. Memory Man (Hopwood/Rowe)
  6. I Will Still Remember You (Hopwood)
  7. Maybe (Hopwood/Marsh)
  8. 3 Little Teddy Bears (Christopholus)
  9. You're a Big Girl Now (Christopholus)
  10. Sagittarius (Christopholus)
  11. The Last Hooray (Christopholus)
  12. Feelin' My Way (Hopwood/Rowe)
  13. Why D'you Break My Heart (Hopwood)
  14. All in the Words of the Song (Hopwood)
  15. So Much Love (Hopwood/Rowe)
  16. Midnight Sun (Hopwood/Stratton)
  17. Pages (Hopwood/Stratton)
  18. Gonna Have to Tell You (Hopwood/Stratton)
  19. In the Beginning (Hopwood/Stratton)
  20. L.A. Dreamers (Hopwood/Stratton)

Length: 58 mins
Format: CD
Recorded at: Pluto Studios 1968-1975
Engineered by: Keith Hopwood & Various
Released through: Pluto Music

Keith Hopwood and Lek Leckenby started writing while with Herman's Hermits, and in 1968 built the first Pluto Studios in Stockport. Starting as a modest 2 track facility, by the time Pluto moved to Manchester in 1977 it had progressed to 24 tracks. The tracks on this CD were written by Keith, either alone, with Lek, or with Malcolm Rowe, who took over from Lek in the early seventies. Some were intended for the Hermits, some were intended for covers, and some were just intended. . .

Dee Christopholus was a friend of ours around the time our early demos were recorded. He would help us out on vocals, and we recorded several of his own songs. At this time his band was called Just Four Men, who later went on to become Wimple Winch, one of the best known of the psych/freakbeat bands of the sixties.

Waterloo Road