Sour Mash - A Whale of a Tale

  • Prohibition
  • Lubbock Lights
  • Morgan's Privateers
  • Autumn Country
  • Witchazel
  • Indian Brave
  • Small Island Boy
  • Bluegrass
  • Hey Smokey
  • Awake for the Morning
  • Getting Older
  • All Over the World
  • Maybe

Format: CD
Recorded in: 1971/2
Written by: Keith Hopwood, Lek Leckenby, Peter Cowap, Karl Green
Released through: Pluto Music
Personnel: Peter Cowap (vocals, guitar); Lek Leckenby (vocals, ld guitar); Keith Hopwood (vocals, kbds, rhythm guitar); Karl Green (vocals, bass); Barry Whitwam (drums, percussion)

Unreleased album recorded by 4 remaining members of Hermits in 1972. CD contains demos and pre-production recordings of songs written by Sourmash, in addition to other bonus tracks from the same period.

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A Whale of a Tale