Granby Row - CD

  1. Queenie 16 (Hopwood/Rowe)
  2. Talk to me Sweet (Hopwood/Rowe)
  3. Headfirst (Hopwood)
  4. Making Good (Hopwood)
  5. Take Me Up (Hopwood/Rowe)
  6. Woman in Love (Hopwood/Rowe)
  7. Never Kiss Goodbye (Hopwood/Rowe)
  8. Makin' Love in the Moonlight (Hopwood/Rowe)
  9. Gyro (Hopwood/Rowe)
  10. People Hurt (Hopwood)
  11. Feel For Me (Hopwood)
  12. Coldspell (Hopwood
  13. Gimme Your Nights (Hopwood)
  14. Love Me Just a Little Bit More
  15. Big Joe Cool (Hopwood/Rowe)
  16. Friday Night's For Dancin' (Hopwood/Rowe)

Length: 56 mins
Format: CD
Recorded at: Pluto Studios 1977-1985
Engineered by: Keith Hopwood, Phil Bush
Released through: Pluto Music

1977 saw Pluto relocate to city centre Manchester in a 5000 square foot facility. During this period Pluto mastered many hit recordings for other artists, while soundtracks for commercial and television production continued in-house. The singers on this CD, other than Keith, were all regulars on Pluto commercial tracks. Paul Young and Ian Wilson (of Sad Café fame) feature, as does Sharon Campbell. Sharon was a talented musical actress, and in addition to her contribution here, went on to sing the lead song in the 1989 animated feature "The B.F.G.", written by Keith and Malcom Rowe. Alistair Gordon had his own successful writing career, as well as writing and singing on Pluto productions.

Granby Row