Country Women

  1. Wind in the Willows Theme
  2. On the River
  3. Duck's Ditty
  4. The Open Road
  5. Mr Toad - The Motorist
  6. The Wild Wood
  7. Mr Badger
  8. Dulce Domum
  9. The Further Adventures of Toad
  10. A Hero's Song
  11. When the Toad Came Home
  12. The Battle
  13. The Wind in the Willow (Ralph McTell)

Music from the BBC documentary series which examines the lives of six remarkable women who work in jobs which are normally the domain of men

Length: 66 mins
Format: CD
Recorded at: Pluto Studios 1994
Engineered by: Phil Bush
Written by: Keith Hopwood
Released through: Pluto Music